Friday, January 11, 2013


Anyone in the Los Angeles area willing/able to pose as a prospective buyer, and check this place out? The owners need to be reported for animal cruelty if they are living like this. Just received this... "theres a group of shetlands in el monte that need help. we got our pony from this herd. the ad is on craigslist. the people are pretty firm on prices, but the ponies need help. the pics dont show the bad conditions, but maybe you can help get the word out that they need help? they are really nice ponies, just not handled much. i think the people mean well, but arent all that smart horsewise, or able to keep their story straight. they say feet have been done, they have not been done. fronts on a few but thats all. Berrys were a foot long on the rear. i LOVE the pony we bought. named her Blueberry Shortcake. a lovely blue roan paint"

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