Saturday, January 3, 2015

Derek Prince Ministries - US : Embracing God’s Commands (153)

Derek Prince Ministries - US : Embracing God’s Commands (153)

"Psalm 119:127-128
Because I love your commands more than gold, more than pure gold, and because I consider all your precepts right, I hate every wrong path. NIV

   What’s your attitude towards God’s commands? Do you fear them? Do you resent them? Do you try to get away from them? That’s a foolish attitude.

   Remember, God gave His commands to us not to create problems for us but to solve them, not to harm us but to help us. God’s love is in His commands. They are given to save us from ourselves, to save us from evil, to show us the way out of our difficulties and our problems.

   The psalmist had learned that, that’s why he said to God, “I love your commands more that gold, more than pure gold.” What is more precious than gold? Nothing in this created world. But God’s commands are infinitely more precious and the psalmist had learned that. Instead of running from God’s commands, resenting them, obeying them reluctantly, he said, “I love your commands more than pure gold.”

   And then he said, “Because I consider all Your precepts right, I hate every wrong path.” You see, when we love God’s commands and obey them; automatically they reveal to us what is wrong. They show us how to distinguish between good and evil, between what is beneficial and what is harmful. And when we are walking in the light of God’s commands, they keep us from everything harmful, from everything hurtful, from every wrong path.

Derek Prince"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Because I am being falsely accused of scamming people, I am taking a break from this for a while. Those of you that were refunded when I suspected the NY horses were a fraud know that I do NOT scam ANYONE! What kind of scam issues refunds? I am offended, confused, hurt, and sick for lack of sleep for many days worrying about the Orland , CA horses. I don't care what anyone says about me, I don't need emails telling me I am being slandered. I already know. And I know it's not true, and God knows it's not true. He knows I wants lives saved, not money. This is a very difficult cause I have, that I put TONS of time, effort, and hard work into. Training horses isn't always easy or fun, sometimes it hurts and is hard. But I offer that & riding lessons FREE to ANYONE that saves a horse from the kill pen and keeps it within 20 miles of me. Again, all I want is to help these horses get saved before it's too late.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Does anyone recognize this horse?

Does anyone recognize this horse? Formerly owned by one of our ERN followers who had to sell him this summer. She has since learned he was then sold again to Blake Thompson (a horse dealer and meatbuyer in Texas). He may have been lucky and sold to an individual, or unlucky. His registered name Mr. Hancock Time, AQHA. He is a 2003 QH, 16 hh. His former owner just wants to know that he is OK, and alive.


Anyone in the Los Angeles area willing/able to pose as a prospective buyer, and check this place out? The owners need to be reported for animal cruelty if they are living like this. Just received this... "theres a group of shetlands in el monte that need help. we got our pony from this herd. the ad is on craigslist. the people are pretty firm on prices, but the ponies need help. the pics dont show the bad conditions, but maybe you can help get the word out that they need help? they are really nice ponies, just not handled much. i think the people mean well, but arent all that smart horsewise, or able to keep their story straight. they say feet have been done, they have not been done. fronts on a few but thats all. Berrys were a foot long on the rear. i LOVE the pony we bought. named her Blueberry Shortcake. a lovely blue roan paint"


Allot of people think they are wild and crazy, but once they learn we will not hurt them, no one would guess the were once running wild. This is Mustang Ally, she was captured at 8 years old, when she was 10, she became a lesson horse for children...including me. The riding coach who owned her loved her so much because of her gentle forgiving spirit with children, that she refused to ever part with Ally, she said "You can't put a price on a priceless horse." When my little brother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer I was 8 years old, and the coach told my parents I could have her. She was my first horse. I showed her, trail rode her, even went riding on the side of roads, won gaming play days, and she became a therapy horse for my brother as well. Give wild mustangs a chance. Mustang Ally

Do you know horses are living longer these days?

Do you know horses are living longer these days? It used to be early to mid twenties were considered old, now they're surviving into their "thirty" somethings. In 2004 I watched a 34 year old Quarter Horse take 3rd place in cutting out of over 50 other kids at the AQHYA World Show in Texas. As a kid I rode a Appaloosa named "Rusty" who live to be 43. Remember "been there done that" horses are awesome for taking the young riders out on the trail with them attached to a pony line, building confidence, teaching riding lessons, taking beginner's to the shows, small children, therapy for sick & disabled people, almost always the favorite horse in their barn, and worth more than their weight in gold ♥ This is Shayne, who is believed to be the oldest horse in the world at 51 years. Much love and many more years for you Shayne. ♥

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking for a horse you owned or knew?

Just thought of this, because I know horses that were leased to me then sold, riding lesson horses, horses that I liked that belonged to other's, and horses I sold before I knew about slaughter. Since there are allot of people here, lets help each other out by keeping an eye out for horses we love ending up in a kill pen. If you know a horse(s) or pony(s) you are worried may end up in a kill pen and you will save them if they are found in one, please email me a photo of the horse with their name, age, height, and your email. The photo will be placed in this album on Facebook "Report me if I'm seen in a kill pen, bad place, or rescue!" If someone matches your photo and description, they will notify you and Stop Horse Kill Pens by comment or email. Send photo's and info to: