Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking for a horse you owned or knew?

Just thought of this, because I know horses that were leased to me then sold, riding lesson horses, horses that I liked that belonged to other's, and horses I sold before I knew about slaughter. Since there are allot of people here, lets help each other out by keeping an eye out for horses we love ending up in a kill pen. If you know a horse(s) or pony(s) you are worried may end up in a kill pen and you will save them if they are found in one, please email me a photo of the horse with their name, age, height, and your email. The photo will be placed in this album on Facebook "Report me if I'm seen in a kill pen, bad place, or rescue!" If someone matches your photo and description, they will notify you and Stop Horse Kill Pens by comment or email. Send photo's and info to:

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