Thursday, February 14, 2013

Because I am being falsely accused of scamming people, I am taking a break from this for a while. Those of you that were refunded when I suspected the NY horses were a fraud know that I do NOT scam ANYONE! What kind of scam issues refunds? I am offended, confused, hurt, and sick for lack of sleep for many days worrying about the Orland , CA horses. I don't care what anyone says about me, I don't need emails telling me I am being slandered. I already know. And I know it's not true, and God knows it's not true. He knows I wants lives saved, not money. This is a very difficult cause I have, that I put TONS of time, effort, and hard work into. Training horses isn't always easy or fun, sometimes it hurts and is hard. But I offer that & riding lessons FREE to ANYONE that saves a horse from the kill pen and keeps it within 20 miles of me. Again, all I want is to help these horses get saved before it's too late.